GHLC Inc. is a professional services firm of trusted, objective and strategic business advisors who help organizations solve the complex problems they face. GHLC offers advisory services in:

  • Employee Engagement and Performance
    • Including goal setting and training the coach
  • Employee Training
    • With a specialty in regulatory & financial crime prevention
  • Corporate Governance
    • Including risk management frameworks, technology, security, and business conduct guidelines
  • Business and Corporate Strategy
    • Including gaining cooperative effort, managing the tension between risk and return, addressing uncertainty, using competitor intelligence, market presence, and sales initiatives to increase value
  • Executive and Key Person Coaching
    • Including team building and performance, issue management and resolution, as well as individual development with respect to career and life events

The Systems Approach to Workplace Learning is one of our proprietary models for developing employee training tools and programs.

Our Collective Genius model is one example of how we support our clients and help move their performance curve up and to the right. We engage our clients through active listening, asking lots of questions to gain a common understanding, and then offering options in co-creating value-added solutions.

We have successfully employed the Solutions-Focused methodology in coaching individuals to set realistic, achievable goals, resolve conflict, manage other workplace/life issues, and chart their life and career paths.

In an era of…increased expectations, rapidly changing technology, market scrutiny, regulatory oversight, and start-up companies…most businesses and organizations know they have to be forward-focused, continuously improve, cultivate innovation, and inspire creativity…in all facets of their operation if they are going to not just survive, but to thrive!

At GHLC, we look forward to helping you achieve your goals. Contact us today!