GHLC Inc. is a professional services firm of trusted, objective and strategic business advisors who help organizations solve the complex problems they face. GHLC offers advisory services in developing:

  • Financial Crime Prevention programs (incl. employee training)
  • Corporate Governance frameworks
  • Coaching Skills & Team Effectiveness
  • Competitive Strategies (incl. Web & Social Media Tools)

Our Systems Approach to Workplace Learning guides us in developing employee training tools and programs.

Our Collective Genius model is one example of how we support project effectiveness and increase team commitment.

We have successfully employed the Solutions-Focused methodology in coaching leaders to resolve issues and in helping individuals chart or review their life / career path.

In an era of increased consumer expectations, market scrutiny and regulatory oversight, organizations know they have to continuously improve all facets of their operation. At GHLC, we look forward to helping you secure ongoing success. Contact us today!