Staying Connected in Turbulent Times (Peter Block & Meg Wheatley)

Peter Block (Peter): Thank you for coming back for Day Two. We all exercise “choice” in our lives. You chose to come back. You decided to come back.

Who did you come back for? Interesting question! For yourself? Now, that takes courage. We all want the easy life – to go to heaven but not have to die. It is an interesting phenomenon that when you are drowning: you dive – you go deeper.

Leaders need to create a space where my transformation becomes uncomfortable. It is a void.

Why am I a human “doing,” rather than a human a “being”? Because it is scary being a human being! So, if you want to grow; if you want to learn – look for that empty space.

Meg Wheatley (Meg): “Busyness” is a form of laziness! Because we are being lazy about the real work we should be doing or the real relationships we should be engaging in.

Peter: “I shop, therefore I am. When I get anxious, I shop. When I get depressed, I shop.” Individualism: the North American medicine – shopping.